Wandering the Side Streets

Wisdom Street

The names of the side streets – many of them taken from songs – hints at the theme of each side street. Likewise with the places along the side streets. On each side street or place (page) you find something about the name and the theme of the street or place.
When we wander a street we rarely are aware of what’s going on in another street, the same is true when we enter a place. I have tried to duplicate this by limiting most posts to one street or place. If there are similarities between posts on different streets (pages), I have sought to note that with the use of tags.

Lastly, the easiest way to get around is via the live map on every page, or to use the Side Street links below the map. (They are also listed under “Side Streets” menu tab.
If you wish to submit – and I hope you – a piece please click on the “Submissions” tab and read the criteria for submissions. Contact, bio information, and all the other necessary stuff is found under the “More” tab.

Happy Wandering!

Image: “Wandering,” generated by IA using Starryai Art Generator.