Christ and “The Powers” in “Cool Hand Luke”

Cool Hand Luke Film Clip

Part 3 of a Trilogy According to Colossians 2:15, through the cross of Christ God has disarmed “the rulers and authorities” or,— as Walter Wink has termed them, “the powers.1” And there is no doubt that the central character in “Cool Hand Luke” functions as a Christ-figure who confronts brutal and oppressive powers—a fact made […]

Sacred Theatre (A Review)

Sacred Theatre Book Cover

Sacred Theatre, Ralph Yarrow, editor, With sections by Franc Chamberlain, William Haney II, Carl Lavery, Peter Malekin, & Ralph Yarrow. Bristol, UK / Chicago: Intellect Books, 2007, ISBN: 978-1-84150-153-6. Paper, 224 pages with bibliography & index. US$40.00 [Part of the Theatre & Consciousness Series] When we hear the term “sacred” applied to theatre we are […]