The Blue Bonnet Motel

Blue Bonnet Court

The Blue Bonnet Motel is a real place, along a real street in a real city—Austin, Texas. Before it was the Blue Bonnet Motel it was the Blue Bonnet Motor Court. And it is the Blue Bonnet Motor Court that is the setting of Joshua Irving Gershick’s award-winning play, “Bluebonnet Court” (2006). Bluebonnet Court, set […]

#22 Acacia Avenue

Twenty-two Acacia Avenue is home to a hooker, “Charlotte-the-Harlot.” On the surface it is a song about the dark side of prostitution. Charlotte lives in a madness that she can’t seem to escape. Her feelings, her safety makes no difference to the men who use her. You wonder how did Charlotte become a hooker? Was […]