Not Afraid to Speak

I always find it interesting that the minute a person opens up about changes in beliefs, or discusses things experienced that were negative within a church context, someone will come out of the wood work with an assessment as to what that person is doing.

They can be labeled bitter, while others take the stance that the person who’s talking is lacking wisdom, will lead people astray, are deceived, have a hidden sin, to even declaring they must be against God. Did it ever occur to the individuals analyzing, as to how many years possibly of silence this person has been on the subject matter? Or the quiet inner work they’ve been doing to bring them out into the open?

When steeped within Christianity or was around self Proclaimed teachers we were conditioned as to how to respond to such a person. In hindsight; how we handled some of the people was dismissive, passive aggressive, spiritually abusive, and lacking in love. Only speaking positively about the church is imbalanced and the amount of hurt that is surfacing from the institution on a global scale has permission to be brought into the light. I would rather have someone step out with courage to be honest in their experiences than for them to feel afraid to speak up.

Before I came forward, it was years of quietly working with Spirit at the same time listening to those further on the path helped me to not feel alone and to find my voice. For this I’m thankful. So to those recently who have told me to simmer down, I simply cannot. Remember, I had dedicated a lot of my life to the church and it’s teachings. I tirelessly evangelized people into ways of being and believing. All of that has been upended and I’m emerging differently. Though I continue evolving and may appear confusing to the onlooker, thus is the spiritual path. And it’s my path. One thing is for sure, I’m NOT afraid anymore to speak…

Editor’s Note: Ellen would love to have you converse with her.  Just share your thoughts under “comments” and I will be sure that she knows that they are there. Currently, Ellen is in Peru for an Ayahuasca retreat.

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