My Confession

officer resting in tree

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired.

I’m tired at what passes as Christianity these days. I am tired of those who claim to know with absolute certainness what God is all about, who makes it to heaven and who doesn’t. I’m tired of the ‘playing church” mentality of many churches.

I’m tired of all the Christian Right rhetoric proclaimed from the pulpits. I’m tired of the namby-pamby way that many liberal churches present the reconciling message of Christ for all things, animate and inanimate. I’m tired of the nastiness that some Christians spout at other Christians, both conservative and liberal.

I’m tired of the lack of understanding and love show by some Christians toward others that have different lifestyles and needs. I’m tired of those who say that their anti-abortion or anti-LBGTQ, or some other dogmatic stance is based on scripture.

I’m tired of the snarky memes and attacks I am seeing on social media and elsewhere.

I’m tired of endlessly defending my less than non-Evangelical Christianity as being Christian.

And I admit, I myself, have been guilty of much of this. And I’m tired of playing a game where no one wins, which only builds animosity.

I want to try to turn my back to all of this. I pray that I will.

Rarely finding God within the established church and her dogma, I turn to the side streets of life to meet God—the Side Street God.

The God who is beyond definition, other than to say “God is LOVE.”

Along these side streets, I want to poke into nooks and crannies, talk with those reside within them, to discover what it really means to say that all life is sacramental. I want to experience that Divine Spark that is present in all of life—animate and inanimate.

Wandering the side streets of life, I pray that I might truly learn celebrate all as sacramental, and what that means to my call (as a follower of Jesus) to live justly in all things, show mercy to all, and walk humbly in the midst of all things, and especially before God.

Along the side streets of life, I quest to meet the One Who is Love. This is my pilgrimage.

Image: Austin Bicycle Police Officer resting, Credit: Frank A. Mills

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