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Cheri Cancelliere

Cheri loves to take nature photographs and is a fan of George MacDonald.

Paul J. Hanson

In between managing the Hanson Insurance Associates, Paul writes, serves on the board of the Windy City Playhouse and directs his own miniature empire, the BBLDI Railroad,  He is married to Carolyn Hanson and lives in Park Ridge, Illinois.

  • “Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad” [Poker Run]
  • Chris Hill

    “I’m just a normal guy attempting to make my way through life as best as I can. Being present in the moment is where the presence of Infinite Spirit is; this is all that is needed.” Chris and his wife, Carol, live in Edgewood, New Mexico.


    Billie Hoard

    Billie (She/Her) is a history teacher, philosophy student, Jesus obsessive, AnarchoPacifist, wife, and father who writes and blogs extensively.

    Mark: Not that Kind of Christian

    Mark, the creator of the I’m not that kind of Christian” memes is a special minister of the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church. The memes reflect his journey of faith.

    Mark Addison Kershaw

    Mark Addison Kershaw

    “I’m a work of fiction, my cartoons are all nonfiction” “Mark says his influences include James Thurber, Jean-Jacques Sempé, Charles Schultz, Berke Breathed, and several cartoonists from “The New Yorker.” Kershaw was born and brought up in Nebraska, spent college dabbling in philosophy and a few decades during/after in Minnesota, and now makes his home in Atlanta, Georgia, where he may be spotted walking his dog around the lake behind his home, taking photographs, and thinking cartoonish thoughts. (from Weekly Hubris website).”

    Dan MacDonald

    Dan describes himself as a Custodian of stray volumes, Renaissance Hillbilly and a resident of the side street somewhere in York, Maine.


    Ellen Mennell

    “My own journey through life’s hardship has been the catalyst for the work that I’m currently doing.” Ellen is a a certified Spiritual coach, healer and mentor who finds “tremendous joy and heart warmth watching individuals transform into who they were created to be.”

    Dorian MooreDorian Moore

    Dorian is an urban designer, architect, entrepreneur, educator and developer whose commitment to city building extends into civic leadership. Dorian has a strong commitment to redeveloping and enhancing existing urban areas, particularly where physical as well as economic challenges exist. [AIA, Vice president of Archive DS]

    Gary Olsen-Hasek

    I believe that part of being made in God’s image includes being a co-creator with the Creator. Creating visual art is one way I have done this since childhood.[Read Full bio by clicking on the link below.]

    Thomas Jay OordThomas Jay Ord (PhD)

    Thomas directs the doctoral program in Open and Relation Theology at Northwind Theological Seminary. He also directs the Center for Open and Relational Theology.

    Stephanie Phillips

    Stephanie writes about life on the Side Streets. She started out as a baby in Montgomery, Alabama and now lives with her family in Sydney, Australia. A brief biography cannot do justice to Stephanie’s journey. You need to read it yourself.

  • “On Pub Choirs & Wilderness Tables”
  • Dwayne PolkDwayne Polk

    Dwayne studied at Texas A & M and received M.Div from Oral Roberts University.


    Russell PregeantRussel Pregeant

    Russell is a retired United Methodist minister; Chaplain, and Professor of Religion & Philosophy at Curry College, Milton, Massachusetts and Visiting Professor in New Testament at Andover Newton Theological School. A review of Russell’s For the Healing of the Nation can be found in the Sophia Library. Russell and his wife live in Wells, Maine.

    Jim Rigby

    “I have been pastor here at St. Andrew’s for over 25 years. I have a love of world religions and a passion for social justice. My hope for ministry is to help people discover the deeper aspects of their own lives, to share life together with other seekers, and then join together to be a catalyst for making our world happier and safer for the vulnerable ones of our world.”

  • “A Beleaguered Family: The Christmas Story”
  • Ralph Solonitz Ralph Solonitz

    Ralph is a Cleveland-based cartoonist and artist. His work, sometimes playful, often biting and sarcastic social commentary that hits hard.

    Tom Willet

    Tom is an American musician, author and entertainment industry executive. He toured and recorded extensively as a bass player during the ‘60s and ‘70s, served as booking agent and manager for numerous artists in the ‘80s, and worked as an Artist & Repertoire and Marketing executive in the ‘90s. In the ‘00s he co-founded a fully-accredited artists’ colony for college-aged musicians and entrepreneurs, and currently entertains fantasies of a restless retirement in Sodom-on-the-Cumberland, Tennessee.

    Frank A. Mills
    Editor | Publisher | Webmaster

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