The Park

The Park

Parks play a vital role in building both a sense of place and sense of our own humanity. Parks encourage culture, they provide a sense of belonging to something larger than ourselves. Parks build our community through our interactions with others, as well as the place. Because parks create sense of something beyond ourselves, parks […]

A Path of Love

Following a Hansel & Gretel trail

“Love is always a subtle invitation to respond to. So God remains for the most part invisible, leaving only a trail like Hansel and Gretel’s flower petals, unveiling the beauty of truth for us to find our way.” “God is visible through the senses in the beautiful things in the world. But the most beautiful […]

Fruit Trees on Streets

Fruit Trees on Street

And in public parks too! And should not churches be doing this on their grounds? What a great way to get healthy, nutritious fruit to those who can not afford it. And while we are on the subject, why not public vegetable gardens were the poor could come pick their own vegetables? “For I was […]

The Grove

My maternal Nana would often speak of the “Irish Riviera,” those northern Jersey shore towns a short train ride from New York City. For Nana, it all centered on Ocean Grove, a beach resort that began as a Methodist camp meeting in a literal grove. Up until almost her death she would spend a week […]