A Curmudgeon’s Guide: Faith

From “A Curmudgeon’s Guide to Virtue and Religion”

[Editor’s Note: Tom regularly posts these sort of memes on his Facebook page and “Willet’s World website. Links to both are in the “Author’s Box” at the end of the post.]

On Faith, "Yip" Harburg

Tom Willet
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Tom Willett (1950- ) is an American musician, author and entertainment industry executive. He toured and recorded extensively as a bass player during the ‘60s and ‘70s, served as booking agent and manager for numerous artists in the ‘80s, and worked as an Artist & Repertoire and Marketing executive in the ‘90s. In the ‘00s he co-founded a fully-accredited artists’ colony for college-aged musicians and entrepreneurs, and currently entertains fantasies of a restless retirement in Sodom-on-the-Cumberland, Tennessee.

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